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  • Welcome to Saraswata Mahavidyalaya.

    Acknowledgement: The Principal acknowledge with thanks their indebtedness to- The Government of Odisha, Higher Education Department, The Director ,Higher Education, Odisha, The Fakir Mohan University, Vyasa Vihar, Balasore. The Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha, for Kindly allowing their materials to be freely used in this Website and the Principal Owen their gratitude to all the Members of the Staff of this college, but for whose profound help this website would not have seen light this time.

    The institution adopt clear cut motto “Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye” representing its aims and objective significantly and adequately which is badly infested in the emblem of the college. An attempt through education to free people from all kinds of shackles social, religion of convention and superstition, political of cast and communalism. The emblem of the college comprises of an all embracing conch shell denoting the auspicious beginning of the auspicious work of education. The symbols of Nilachala Saraswata Sangha containing two swans, the lotus and luminous sun at the top symbolizes the divine sanctification to educate the area. The open book, communicates the message that now the education shall be made available to all those who were deprived of it so far. The lamp with flames conveys that the institution shall tender education that will lead people from darkness to light, form ignorance to knowledge and from unknown to the known. The lamp also resembles a lotus flower with which we adore the deity “Saraswati”- the Goddess of learning the missile and the train engine in both the sides stand for technological advancement which the institution wants to inculcate in near future. The paddy plants beneath symbolizes the agrarian culture of the suburbs which needs development & safety from incessant Flood & Cyclone. The motto suits will the emblem and both together underline the highest noble principles with which the college shall attempt to work in the field of education. As such, these together frame the philosophy and guiding force as to how the college should progress and prosper.

    The Annual Journal Prajna

    The Annual Journal of saraswata Mahavidyala named "PRAJNA" published each year with the collection of valuable articies of Departmental semeinars organished every year to develop the research qualities of students and faculty members and resource persons out of the subscription collected from the students .The editorial Board consists of the HOD and resoves its full right for selection/cancelation of the articles & shall not be held responsible for any controversial opinion.