Ragging is a Crime,
Condemned by the Nation.
Welcome to Saraswata Mahavidyalaya,Anantapur,Soro,Balasore,Odisha,Odisha ,"EDUCATION IS NOT THE LEARING OF FACTS,BUT THE TRAINING OF THE MIND TO THINK "- ALBERT EINSTEIN

The Mission Statement:-

The mission statement reads, “Our aim is to build the power of the human mind and Spirit” and to create conditions in which aptitude and love of knowledge guide the students and formulate characters to prepare them to live a harmonious and meaningful life in order to lay the foundation of a greater tomorrow”. Further “the insitution is committed to the cause of empowerment of women, through access to education, particularly higher education, in order to encourage them to assert for independence and women - hood and to utilize it for the socio-economic development both of the self and the society.”

Aims and Objectives:
  • To provide access to quality higher education to the women in the state.
  • - To foster economic growth of the society.
  • - To inculcate the spirit of Higher Education among young women.
  • - To explore and utilize the innate powers of the Women to make them empowered.
  • - To study, preserve and enrich the socio-cultural tradtion of the region.
  • - To equip the young women to keep abreast with the knowledge explosion /information exploration.
  • - The Prepare the women to be socially responsible at the need of the hour.
  • - To develop the skills among the young women to serve the downtrodden people.
  • -The institution adopted its own emblem with the motto “Tamasho Maa Jyotirgamayah” representing its aims and objectives significantly and adequately.
The Motto:

“Tamasho Maa Jyotirgamayah”. Out of centuries of darkness and ignorance, we move towards the radiance of knowledge.

The emblem comprises of the open book and a woman holding the lamp with flames, which resembles the lotus. The open book communicates the message that now education shall be made available to all those who were deprived of it so far. The flames in the hands of a woman conveys that woman is “Shakti”.

Power :

She will lead society from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, and from the unknown to the known. It indicates that women are the torch bearer of the society.

It is through education that this institution shall attempt to achieve its objectives.The “Motto” suits well with the “emblem” and both together underline the high and noble principles with which the institution shall attempt to work in the field of women education. As such, these together frame the philosophy and guiding force as to how the institution shall progress and prosper.